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Solutions for the metal industri

Value for you


The best quality

Tora focuses on high quality in everything we do. We believe that quality extends not only to our products, but also to our ethical values, as demonstrated by the way we run the business.
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Delivery on time

Getting their products delivered on time and to the right place is essential for all our customers. Our advanced ERP system makes it easy for you to be our customer, as we can quickly calculate quality, price and delivery date.
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Lots of flexibility

Flexibility is not a word we invented, even though that's what many of customers claim. We live a world in which everything is moving faster and faster, and in which a single item or a major order have to be delivered as quickly as possible.
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Our partnerships

Tora believes strongly in close customer focus, and building partnerships with our customers. We do so by helping to improve and innovate our customers' products.
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