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TORA has a proud tradition of high quality products, which is thanks to a very large degree to the quality of the goods we buy. TORA is always keen to hear from competitive suppliers able to supplement our own know-how, and to contribute to our growth strategy. We have provided a range of relevant details on this page for existing and future suppliers to TORA.

Supplier evaluation

TORA performs an annual evaluation of supplier quality within a range of areas. We do so because we want to help our suppliers to be come even better.

The main factors we focus on:

  • Quality/quality management system
  • Ability to deliver
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Ongoing communication
  • Observance of the formalities concerning order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices
  • Packaging
  • Consistent improvement/development
  • Reduction of total costs

Purchasing policy

Our purchasing policy comprises the principle guidelines for purchasing at TORA. All purchases of goods and services are subject to TORA's purchasing policy. The ultimate objective of the policy is to streamline purchasing procedures. Close collaboration with our suppliers is a goal that supports our overall objectives. Consistent delivery on time, plus the ability and will to implement constant improvement, increase use of E-commerce and electronic integration between purchasing and the accounts system are vital elements of our streamlining strategy. Suppliers that focus on quality management, cutting costs in general and that possess the level of innovation and flexibility we want will be preferred.

Regular measurement

TORA regularly measures to what extent the goals we set are fulfilled. Evaluation of fulfilment plus inspection on arrival of goods are features of our regular measurement - non-conformities are registered.

New suppliers

New suppliers are expected to work according to the guidelines of DS/EN 9001:2008 (certification in Quality Management Systems) to qualify as a potential supplier to TORA. Optimising/improvement of quality, lower material costs or other benefits to TORA must be offered. Suppliers are selected exclusively on the basis of product/service on the terms and conditions that apply to purchasing. Commercial aspects and the quality of the product/service in question form the criteria for choice of supplier.

Ethics and moral standards

No TORA employees can accept any form of gift or incentive of anything other than symbolic value.
TORA's suppliers are solely responsible for their observance of the law at all times. This applies to direct suppliers and their own sub-suppliers. We also believe it to be of vital importance that health and safety at work, plus caring for the external environment, are prioritised highly.

TORA strongly condemns any form of child or forced labour, and we work in accordance with the definitions and guidelines in the Social Accountability Standard 8000 concerning child labour, discrimination, health and safety at work. We expect our suppliers to do the same.

Quality requirements applied to suppliers

(General requirements for quality management)

We expect our suppliers to work towards DS/EN 9001:2008 (certification in Quality Management System) - or an equivalent - through fulfilment of our requirements as a basis for quality management (ref. DS/EN 9001:2008). TORA must be informed of any changes in certification by the supplier.

Specific requirements on quality

Suppliers are only permitted to ship products to us that are 100% in accordance with their contract.
Any suppliers suspecting any form of defect/non-conformity, or a product that fails to meet the terms of the contract in any other manner, can only ship such products with the prior consent of TORA A/S.

Supplier development

TORA strongly believes in maintaining close relationships with its suppliers, and to ensure that they can constantly improve within price, quality and deliveries.