TORA A/S offers various surface treatments in close cooperation with selected suppliers:

  • Hot dip galvanisation
  • Electro galvanisation
  • Metallizing
  • Powder coating
  • Wet enamelling
  • Serigraphy
  • Sandblasting
  • Chrome plating
  • Nickel plating
  • Tin plating
  • Silver plating
  • Browning

Hot dip galvanisation


Electro galvanisation

Tin plating

TORA A/S offers complete solutions, including mechanical assembly. Depending on requirements, we offer pertial or complete assembly of customers-specific products. Usually, assembly tasks comprise surface-treated semi-finished parts produced by ourselves and semi-finished parts produced elsewhere, e.g. plastic parts and other mechanical components.

TORA A/S provides machining services on state-of-the-art CNC equipment. With these high-tech multi-task machines, rod loading, turning, drilling and milling can all be performed in a single operation. Lead times are thus extremely short and exceptional repeatability is achieved.

We also offer automatic sawing, and milling, drilling and thread cutting on high-tech machining centers.

TORA A/S performs sheet metal working on highly flexible, fully automated, high-tech production lines from Salvagnini capable of handling the entire process from raw material to complete ready-bent cabinets parts completely untouched by human hands. Batch quantity, material choice, surface requirements and edge quality determine whether laser cutting or punching is used for the task in question. We determine the optimum solution in close cooperation with the customer.

Laser cutting
Laser cutting is the best technique for parts with complex contours. TORA A/S can handle materials of up to 18mm in thickness with sheet dimensions of up to 3000x1500 mm. Laser cutting is performed in accordance with drawings provided by our customers or, alternatively, in cooperation with our own programmers.

Punching is a good alternative to laser cutting where large batches are concerned and orders must be met quickly and efficiently. Punching is particularly suitable for parts with straight outer contours or complex hole patterns, and for embossed or profiled parts. 
We can also design customised solutions for complex hole patterns or contours in which punching is combined with laser cutting where necessary.
The production of sheet metal parts is an area which TORA A/S has achieved considerable growth in recent years. Not least thanks to our great flexibility and high efficiency, and thus our competitive prices. TORA A/S manufactures parts in copper, hot dip galvanised, stainless and polycarbonate sheet. The company has expanded by investing in the very latest technologies and state-of-art equipment. In doing so, we have focused on automated solutions, thus maintaining our market-leading position. When it comes to sheet metal working, TORA A/S will never let you down. Our efficient machinery, highly skilled personnel and loyal buisness partners ensure that no tast is too complex for TORA A/S.

TORA A/S manufactures busbars for use in electrical systems. Busbars can be ordered singly or in sets. When ordered in sets, the busbars required for a complete plant or system are packaged together. If required, busbars can be surface treated by one of our approved suppliers.

The welding department at TORA A/S is staffed by highly skilled personnel who have amassed considerable expertise in manually aluminium, stainless stell and mild steel. The departments is capable of handling extremely large workpieces. The building is 20 metres wide and measures 8 metres from floor to ceiling. A traversing crane, capable of lifting up to 1000 kg, can cover the entire 1000m2 floor area. Using the very latest welding techniques, our highly experienced staff ensure superior quality and exceptional uniformity.