TORA A/S is renowed for the qualty of its products, and this in turn reflects the quality of the materials we buy. TORA AS/ is always interested in hearing from competitive suppliers who are able to increase our knowledge and contriute to our growth strategy. This page contains relevant information for present and furture suppliers.

At TORA A/S, we encourage our suppliers to become even better! Among other things, by evaluating their performance once a year with respect to various parameters, including:

  • Quality and quality management
  • Supply capability
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability 
  • Continuous communication 
  • Compliance with formalities regarding order confirmation, deliverry notes, invoices, etc. 
  • Packaging
  • Continuous improvements/development possibilities 
  • Reduction of total costs

At TORA A/S, our goal is to work with suppliers who support our overall abjectives. In practice, this means 100% delivery reliability, zero faults, and a willingness to make continuous improvements.
Our preferred suppliers are clearly focused on quality control and reducing total costs. Suitable suppliers are also characterised by a high degree of innovation and flexibility.

TORA A/S evaluates its suppliers continuously. As part of our overall strategy, we assess suppliers' delivery compliance at monthly intervals. The quality of the goods we receive is also recorded.

To become a TORA A/S suppliers, your company must as a minimum, be certified to DS/EN 9001:2008 (Quality Management System Certification). It must also be capable of supplying goods and materials of similar quality at lower prices, or be able to offer TORA A/S other benefits. To be considered as a supplier, please contact our purchasing department.

TORA A/S chooses its suppliers solely on the basis of the product purchased and the terms of the purchase agreement. Suppliers are thus always selected on the basis of commercial considerations and the quality of the product or service provided.

TORA A/S's suppliers are themselves responsible for following relevant legislation at all times, and this applies to both direct and indirect suppliers. For TORA A/S, it is of the utmost importance that work environment and work safety, as well as the surrounding enviroment, are taken very seriously by the company's suppliers.

TORA A/S strongly repudiates any and every form af child labour, force, and exploitation of labourers. We operate in accordance with the definitions and guidelines of the Social Accountability Standard 8000 regarding child labour, discrimination, safety, and health at the workplace, and TORA A/S's suppliers are required to do the same.

(General requirements on quality control)

TORA A/S is certified according to DS/EN 9001:2008 (Quality Management System Certification). We therefore also expect our suppliers to work towards certification to DS/EN 9001:2008 (or corresponding standard) by basing their quality management systems on DS/EN 9001:2008 requirements.  
As a minimum, suppliers must presently comply with the guidelines of, or be certified to, the latest version of DS/EN 9001:2008.
Suppliers are obliged to inform TORA A/S of any changes to their certification (new, changed or expired certification).
Regardless of certification, TORA A/S reserves the right to audit suppliers.
 In some cases, our customer may wish to audit one of our suppliers, and this must be accepted by the supplier.

Suppliers must only deliver products that comply 100% with the purchasing agreement.
Should the supplier suspect that a consignment of products contains any kind of fault or nonconformity, or in any other way fails to meet the requirements of the purchasing agreement, the consignment may only be delivered on prior agreement with TORA A/S. Should TORA A/S agree to recieve the consignment, the packaging must be clearly marked with information on the nonconformity and with the exemption code provided by TORA A/S.  

It is extremely important for TORA A/S to have close relationships with its suppliers and ensure that they continue to evolve in the areas of price and quality of delivery capability.