Kim Nørup

Constituent Quality Manager
Phone: +45 76 33 84 19


TORA A/S is certified in accordance with DS/EN 9001:2008 (Quality Management System Certification) - if you want to see the certificate press here.
TORA A/S controls quality througout the company with the help of its highly qualified personnel, each of whom is responsible for the quality of work performed in their part of the production process. This ensures the achievement of our goal - zero nonconformities. TORA A/S provides the quality expected by customers at competitive prices - and we always meet agreed delivery times. Our customers thus save the expense of performing their own incoming goods inspection and the cost of production downtime due to nonconformities and delivery delays. All TORA A/S employees are highly skilled, well qualified and extremely motivated. Their training is continuously updated, thus ensuring their ability to produce the required quality. All members of our staff are therefore highly capable of meeting any future requirements.